Setting up a School Leavers Hoodies Shop

For your Leavers to buy their Hoodies direct

We can set up a school shop for orders of 100+ Hoodies.

If you are interested please fill in the form below and send it to us. We will respond with a quote and details of the ordering process.

School Shop Request

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Benefits of having a School Shop for your Leavers Hoodies

Reduced hassle for the buyer / organiser:

  • once the details of the shop have been agreed with the Leavers Hoodies Company your job is largely complete
  • you don’t have to chase details from kids or parents
  • you don’t have to create and manage spreadsheets to collate the information
  • you don’t have to collect payments

Easier process for the kids / parents:

  • Kids / parents can see the colour choices and sizing options online
  • Ordering can be done at a time to suit them not the organiser
  • multiple hoodies can be ordered for a child if required
  • personalisation details can be entered directly on the order
  • payment can be made by credit card directly to the Leavers Hoodies Company

Overall the process is a little quicker and easier for all concerned than the manual collection of the required information.