School Trip Hoodie Designs

Below are a few ideas of designs we can print. If you don’t have a design get in touch and our team will be able to help.



Choose from a great range of School Trip Designs. If you have your own design that you would prefer to use then let us know.

HOODIE Print Colours

We use black print on light coloured garments and white print on the dark coloured garments. We can print other colours but this need to remain the same colour throughout the order.

HOODIE School Crests

An embroidered school crest gives a professional appearance and looks smart, identifying which school you belong to. We can recreate your crest perfectly, using our modern embroidery machines multiple thread colours, and also add any generic text above or below (e.g. Paris 2024, Class of 2024 etc…) embrodiered-crest-image

HOODIE Printed School names

An alternative to the embroidered crest is to print the name of the school. This usually sits on the left chest as worn although if you want something more prominent then a centre chest print certainly does the trick.

HOODIE Personalisation Examples

Personalising your School Trip Hoodie will really make it feel like your own. Printing a Nickname either on the back or the sleeve is the most popular option, or alternatively, embroider it on the front on the opposite side of the school crest. personalisation-image2

Trip HOODIE Printed Names

We use IMPACT font to print the name as this is bold and stands out well. We can use alternative fonts if required, but need to check these first to see that they are suitable to print. Below are just a few examples of what we can offer as a printed name. personalised-text-image

Trip HOODIE Embroidered Names

We use TAHOMA for embroidered names but can embroider other fonts upon request.

Choosing a design for your school trip.

Our range of designs are just a small offering to choose from. We have a design to suit any school trip so just ask a member of our team. Whether you require a football design for a school sports tour or a musical design for your school music trip we can supply. A unique and personal idea is to have the map outline of the country you are visiting, or a shape such as an iconic building filled with the names of the students going on the school trip. Alternatively you may have created your own design for the back of your hoodie which we can also print, just send us this when you request a quote.