Hoodie envy

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Are you envious of others’ hoodies?

Does jealousy drive you to get better hoodies than last year? To outdo the hoodies the drama club recently bought? To be more stylish and dashing than some other group?

The philosophy of hoodies

If this were a philosophical blog we might talk about why being green with envy is not a helpful emotion. Why comparison is not useful and why depending on your own actions and resources for fulfilment is the wisest path. We might say that your motivation, in an ideal world, would be to simply provide the best hoodies you can without reference to what anyone else has done before. But it is not a philosophical article so, beyond saying it the once, we’ll let that lie.

Buying better hoodies

If you are tasked with buying hoodies for your group, class, club, society etc and have seen

  • a design that you thought to be brilliant
  • a group wearing hoodies that looked like a step up in quality
  • a hoodie of a colour that you had never seen before

…then, get in touch with the experts at the Leavers Hoodies Company and tell them what you have seen. Tell them the features you want on your hoodies, the designs, the colour choices and enlist their help in kitting out your group with the hoodies you dream of.

The little things

Sometimes it isn’t the big things that make a difference in how your decorated and personalised clothing looks. The placement of a nickname or school crest when moved by a couple of inches one way or the other can be the difference between looking ok and looking good.

Making colours work on your hoodies

We all know that colours can clash. Putting a {Green} logo on a {Red} hoodie will never look great. The following combinations are never going to look great or won’t show up well:

  • Yellow on white or heather grey
  • Purple on Royal
  • Red on Burgundy
  • Royal on Navy
  • Green on red.

Seeing what your hoodies will look like – digital proofs

If you need help deciding what will and won’t work you can always ask our designers to send through a graphic of what your logo or design might look like on a particular colour of hoodie*. The technology is only as good as the quality and colour display of your monitor but these days most technology is up to the job of giving a very reasonable representation of what things will look like in real life.

*Please note this option is only available when buying a single colour of hoodie decorated with your design, and personalised. If you allow people to choose their own hoodie colour we can not provide a digital example of all the different coloured hoodies with your design and personalisation options.

Hoodie help is always available

Buying hoodies can be complicated, especially if the people you are buying for can’t make up their minds. But, hoodie help is always available (from the Leavers Hoodies Company team) to ensure that you get the most appropriate garments for your needs, decorated and personalised professionally and attractively. You might yet become the envy of next year’s hoodie buyer with our help!

A tongue-in-cheek ‘philosophical’ view:

The seven deadly sins
for Hoodie buyers & wearers:

Pride – adding the text ‘No.1’ to all the hoodies
Greed – buying 3 different coloured hoodies each
Wrath – losing your rag with the individuals in your group buying hoodies who keep changing their minds
Envy – buying only green hoodies
Lust – demanding your hoodie be delivered before it has been made, or even ordered
Gluttony – eating so much your new hoodie doesn’t fit
Sloth – never taking your hoodie off

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Hoodie Envy
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Hoodie Envy
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