When are skiers/snowboarders wearing their ski trip hoodies?

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If you are looking for “ski trip hoodies” or “ski hoodies”, it could be that you have been tasked with the purchase of the hoodies for an upcoming school, college or university winter trip to the slopes. Whether your group of kids/young adults is going skiing or snowboarding doesn’t matter. In most cases, it will be a mix of the two sports with, quite likely, some other winter sporting activities thrown in.

On the slopes vs off the slopes

The hoodie is an awesome garment for skiing trips because of the designs and materials available. However, one thing which some people forget when researching or buying the hoodies is that, by and large, the garments are not best suited to the time on the slopes.

On the slopes

Specialist skiing outfit

Each skier/snowboarder is likely to spend a decent amount buying or renting an outfit specifically designed for active exercise in snowy conditions. The hoodie doesn’t often play a part in that outfit.

The typical ski on-the-slopes wardrobe consists of:
  • Ski jacket
  • Salopette/ski pants
  • Ski gloves
  • Ski socks
  • Baselayers
  • Fleece/mid-layers
    • this is where some people see the ski hoodie fitting into their on-the-slopes outfit but the hoods are often a problem being incompatible with the helmets and uncomfortable under the jacket
  • Ski goggles
  • Neck warmer/scarf
  • Helmet



For one thing, buying a hoodie, getting it embroidered and/or printed with logo, trip name and chosen personalisation wouldn’t make great economic sense. If it is going to be worn beneath a ski jacket/shell then the extra expense of the printing and embroidery services would be a waste.


Some bright spark might assume that they can wear the garment on the slopes for a day’s downhill, or cross-country, activity, and then put it on again in the evening for the après ski activity. The idea might be ok if the person had spent the whole day standing still. But if you have been sweating, getting downhill in one piece, the idea of wearing the same hoodie again for an evening out with your trip buddies might not be such a well-received idea. The multi-purpose hoodie wearer might find themselves a little unpopular after the first day.

Off the slopes


Ski hoodies are widely worn by the group when travelling to and from the resort. This can help with group visibility and also building/maintaining the team spirit. The travel time can be the worst part of the entire trip and anything which supports camaraderie can lower the stress levels.

Après ski and lounging around the resort

The hoodies really come into their own for après ski activities and when the slopes are closed for whatever reason. The casual, but not too-casual, looking hoodies provide a great balance of warmth and comfort very well suited to nipping between chalets and down to the restaurant or town. It can be a real boon for organisers and hosts/locals to be able to readily recognise which group various youngsters are associated with.

Team spirit & discipline

One of the issues facing ski trip groups is maintaining the team spirit. With any group of youngsters on the slopes, there will be those who can ski or board like they were born on snow and those who can’t. Sometimes, without careful group management, the friction between such groups can become a problem. The wearing of the hoodies helps alleviate such tensions and reminds everyone of their common roots and purpose. One of the underlying reasons schools are keen to let pupils go on a skiing trip is to help build the team ethos and develop the character of the kids. Maintaining discipline is also key, and people wearing readily identifiable outfits are proven to be less prone to go wild.

So, if you are looking for ski hoodies, you know that the off-the-slopes use is the primary purpose for having them. Pick from one of the styles of ski hoodies we offer – if you need help picking the most appropriate just give us a call during office hours. One of the team will be delighted to help. We can talk through your decoration ideas/requirements too if you wish.

Header photo by Csaba Balazs on Unsplash
Cartoon image by Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

When are skiers/snowboarders wearing their ski trip hoodies?
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When are skiers/snowboarders wearing their ski trip hoodies?
On the slopes vs off the slopes - the hoodie is an awesome garment for skiing trips because of the designs and materials available. However, one thing which some people forget when researching or buying the hoodies is that, by and large, the garments are not best suited to the time on the slopes.
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The Leavers Hoodies Company
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