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If you’re not interested in the hood on your hoodies then maybe you should be looking for a sweatshirt or a jacket!

Probably, for the vast majority of the time you wear your hoodie, you won’t have the hood on. But knowing what you are getting, or not getting, when considering your hoodie options might make the difference to your choice.

Firstly, what the hood is NOT…

Not waterproof:

None of the hoodies we sell are waterproof, or even water-resistant by design*.

Not designed for helmets:

None of the hoods are designed to be worn over climbing helmets, cycling helmets, etc. If you are lucky, you might be able to wear a helmet underneath but that’s a bit of luck, not a design feature.

Not scary:

A while ago, certain sections of the media focused on the negative connotations of wearing a hoodie. Despite that, the hoods aren’t much use for scaring ‘oldies’. As a school-leaver, you might be of an age to frighten older people anyway—mainly your parents and grandparents. The hood on your hoodie plays no part in that. That’s all down to you, the wearer.

What the hoods are good for…

Keeping your head warm:

Mainly keeping your head warm, keeping long hair off your face and just because it can feel nice, sometimes, to be wearing a hood.

Hoodies’ hoods are generally made from either 1 or 2 layers of the same materials as the body of your hoodie. So, largely that means they are a cotton/polyester mix.

Putting a design on:

Most hoodies have a two panel design. This means that they have a seam down the middle.

Functionally it makes very little difference to the wearer whether there is one seam, two or none. Occasionally, we are asked to decorate the hood on leavers’ hoodies. When asked for a decorated hood the choice of hood style can make a difference to the type of decoration possible, or practical.

Feeling snug:

All of the hoods have drawstring adjusters to allow you to pull it closer to your cheeks and chin.

That’s about it…

That’s about it really—what were you expecting? The hoods on leavers hoodies are simple, can help keep your head warm and, most of the time, will be forgotten by the wearer!

Getting rained on
Photo by S kelly on Unsplash

*Water resistant by design

None of the hoodies generally ordered for school leavers are water resistant by design. Yet, if you want something which does offer some protection from a shower, you can use readily available fluids to add to your washing machine when washing your hoodie.

These add a reasonable level of water repellency. These are used to revitalise the water repellency of walking / outdoor clothing and can in most cases be safely used on your hoodie. (Read the label before use to check for suitability and follow the instructions).

It isn’t going to keep you dry in a downpour. But it will definitely help if you are caught out in a short shower.


Next Steps

So, if you have decided on a hoodie as the garment of choice for your leavers year group we suggest that you find 2 or 3 well regarded hoodies suppliers (you could start here with The Leavers Hoodies Company). Get quotes, talk to the people to see if they are who and what they say they are, check some reviews and good luck.

If you are wary of online reviews, some people are—and some less reputable companies are the reason why—then ask the Leavers Hoodies Company for a reference or two. They will give you a couple of contacts you can get in touch with, by phone or email, to learn their experience of the process and the company.

Contact us (during office hours) to discuss your requirements if you can’t find exactly what you want on our website.

Hoods on hoodies
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Hoods on hoodies
What the hoods on leavers hoodies are and are not. A short summary of what you can expect from the hood element of your hoodie.
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