Someone recently asked us why we are selling Ski Hoodies and Leavers Hoodies rather than just Hoodies?

The answer is really simple. While many of our clients are repeat customers coming back year after year to buy our competitively priced, great quality embroidered and printed hoodies – each year some are new to us.

To find a new supplier for their hoodies the nominated people at schools, colleges, sports clubs, etc use the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc) and Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). To have a presence which people can find (rather than being on page 99), businesses such as ours have to target quite specific products and services rather than the generic terms. The competition is great for ‘leavers hoodies’ & ‘ski hoodies’ it is absolutely ridiculous for ‘hoodies’.

So, we will continue to extend our offering to include uni hoodies, tour hoodies, etc. Many of the products will be the same within the different classifications but, if that is how people search, then that is how we have to present our products. We also focus on designs for the different ‘styles’ of hoodies – so see Ski Hoodie Design Options and Leavers Hoodies Design Options for some sample designs if you don’t currently have an idea of your own.

For the people who want specialist advice on selecting the best garment for their purpose, we hope that they will call us (01858 461 686) and talk to one of the team who have been serving this market before hoodies were even called that!

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