Leavers hoodies are now a popular way of marking the end of a school year, where students leave the school they’re currently in to move up to secondary school, college, sixth form, university or even to into the world of work.

An advancement on an older version of leavers tops, where students would sacrifice an old shirt for their friends to write leaving messages on, leavers hoodies now provide a much more long-lasting and usable way to remember your friends and school after you’ve moved on.

Features of modern leavers hoodies

Some of the most common features of leavers hoodies include excellent personalisation options, such as your school or college’s emblem embroidered on the front and your name emblazoned on the back.  You can also include the names of your school or classmates in the number of the year that you left!

Other features include thumb holes, earphone loops and double fabric hoods.

One question we have received a couple of times, is in relation to another feature – a hole in the pocket.

What is the hole in my leavers hoodie pocket for?

If your leavers hoodie has a hole in the pocket, it’s because your hoodie is designed to allow you to put your headphones on through your hoodie.  What this means is that, whilst your mobile phone or other music playing device is in your pocket, you can thread the earphones through the inside of your hoodie, without the wires being displayed on the outside.

This is particularly useful for exercising or running in your hoodie, as it ensures that your music playing device is secured in your pocket while your headphones are attached.  It’s also really useful if you don’t want anyone to know that you have headphones in, or what they’re attached to.

Leavers hoodies with hidden openings for earphone cords

We have several designs of leavers hoodies that come with the added benefit of a hidden opening for earphone cords.

Leavers college hoodies

Our leavers college hoodies use a kangaroo pouch pocket to hide the hole for your earphone cord.  This hoodie also features a double fabric hood, ribbed cuffs and hem, and is available in 50 different colours.

Our leavers zipped hoodies use pockets on either side of the zip, which is covered with fabric.  One of the pockets includes a hidden opening for an earphone cord.  This leavers hoodie also has a double fabric hood.

Leavers hoodies for kids

Our leavers kids two-tone hoodies have a kangaroo pouch pocket, which hides the hole for your earphone cord.  This hoodie also features a double fabric hood with contrasting inner liner as well as hidden earphone loops.

Our leavers kids zipped hoodies are the final leavers hoodie design that features a hidden opening for an earphone feed.  The smart design incorporates a fabric-covered zip and a twill tape puller in the same colour.

Ordering leavers hoodies with earphone cord holes

If you’re looking for a leavers hoody for primary school, college or university leavers, which feature a hole in the pocket for earphones, please take a look at our range of leavers hoodies or get in touch if you have any questions.