Many hoodies, sweaters, base layers, running tops and cycling tops feature thumb holes.  We have chosen to incorporate these into some of our leavers hoodies designs, because we think they’re great – an added bonus when you order a leavers hoodie! However, we’ve noticed that some people ask the question: “What are the thumb holes actually for?”

Reasons for hoodies with thumb holes

We know of several excellent reasons for thumb holes, including:


There’s nothing more annoying on a cold morning than wrapping up warm only to get snow or even just cold air into your gloves or up your arm because your top has ridden up and the space in between your forearm and gloves has been exposed to the cold.  Thumb holes are an instant solution which prevent any gaps.

Many people remember making thumb holes in their own school jumpers or sweatshirts, usually because they’d worn thin with use but also because sleeves were pulled down over hands to keep them warm.  Readymade thumb holes are far neater than making your own!

Thumb holes also make it far easier to get dressed without your sleeves rolling up when you put another layer such as a coat, on top of a jumper or sweater.

Keeping cool

Wearing a hoodie or other top with thumb holes is a great alternative to using gloves – especially when you still want to protect your hands from the cold.  An excellent example is if you’re hiking up a mountain.  Going uphill can get hot and sweaty and it can be a drag to have to remove your coat and take a layer off.  In this instance, simply removing your gloves can have an excellent cooling effect on your body, whilst the main parts of your hands are still well protected from the elements.

The same goes for when you’re cycling.  Uphill in particular can be extremely hard work and instead of stopping and removing layers, a quick stop to remove your gloves can have an excellent effect without slowing you down for too long.


It would be easy to assume that thumb holes are just a fashion feature and to some people, this is exactly the reason that they would choose a hoodie with thumb holes.

In fact, according to Nike’s president of distribution and merchandising, thumb holes in atop is actually perceived as a sign of high quality.

In an article by Business Insider, Jeanne Jackson commented on some of Nike’s ‘deep’ consumer analysis, saying: “We suddenly discovered in tops that if a top has a thumbhole in it, the consumer perceives it is a premium top.”

Leavers hoodies with thumb holes

For a leavers hoodie with thumb holes, which can be personalised using both print and embroidery, see Leavers Premium Hoodies range.  This range of leavers hoodies is heavyweight and warm, with thumb holes and a hanging loop at the back of the neck.  What’s more, they’re available in a range of sizes from small to 2XL and with 14 different hoodie colours to choose from.

How to order leavers hoodies with thumb holes

For more information about how to order any of our personalised leavers hoodies, see our How to Order page or call us on 01858 461 686.