1. The class pet. If you didn’t have a pet of your own, you could get to know what it’s like to care for a hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, snake, or even a giant African land snail.
  2. Playing games. Heads down, thumbs up was a particular favourite – especially if you were the kind of kid who can fall asleep as soon as they close their eyes (even better if you dribbled on the table and no-one noticed).
  3. Milk and snacks half way through the morning. We called it ‘tuck time’ but it was just the time where you were able to eat a snack your parents had made for you.  It was probably a nice break for your teacher, too!
  4. Playing chase without getting out of breath from running around for half an hour. And even if you did get out of breath, you never noticed because it was so much fun.
  5. Being trusted to use a pen and not draw on the walls, the floor or yourself.
  6. The Nativity play. Especially if you were the donkey.  Well, half of it.  But still, one of the main characters!
  7. PE was just fun. There was some level of competition – especially if you were on the football, netball or hockey team.  Otherwise, who didn’t love just climbing up frames or practising forward rolls?
  8. Feeling famous on the last day of school when everyone signed your notepad with messages promising to keep in touch.
  9. PVA glue. Painting it on your fingers and then peeling it off.  Was there anything more satisfying?
  10. Baking cakes to take home, without being tested on anything or being judged for having one half a completely different shape to the other.
  11. Putting your name into every piece of clothing you ever wore to school (except for your leavers hoodie, which had your name proudly displayed already), so that you could get your jumper back if you left it lying around.
  12. School discos. Some people wore crazy outfits; others played it safe with their jeans and a hoodie.  But whatever you wore, you danced with your best friends until your hair was plastered to your head with sweat –or you spent the whole time skidding and trying to break dance on the hall floor.
  13. School dinners. You never knew what you were going to get and it was bound to be different to what you were having at home later.
  14. Going to sharpen your pencil at the bin so that you could speak to the boy/girl you fancied.
  15. Being able to sit on the benches in assembly, because you were kings and queens of the school in Year 6.
  16. Finding out your teacher’s first name and realising that they were a real person outside of school.
  17. Not knowing that the day was going slowly because you couldn’t tell the time. And not caring anyway, because you loved primary school.
  18. Having said that – when the school bell went, there was nothing like knowing it was playtime with your friends.
  19. When you got to go to the head teacher’s office to show them a piece of work your teacher said was excellent. Even better if it got a sticker.
  20. Your primary school leaver’s hoodie. Whilst you might lose your books and papers, the names on your leavers hoodie will bring back all of primary school’s happy memories for years to come.

Ordering primary school leavers hoodies

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