Choosing the best colour for your leavers tops is worthy of careful consideration when it comes to an occasion as significant as the last day of school, college or university.

Whether you’re a primary school saying goodbye to year 6 pupils or a college waving off final year students, there are a wide range of colour choices available to you to mark the occasion.

So do you go for primary colours? Or keep them in line with your brand colours? Or let the students decide for themselves? We look at all the options in order to find the best colour of leavers tops for you.

What is the best colour for a leavers top?

Ultimately, our conclusion has to be that there is no one best colour! The choice of available colours is reassuringly wide and the choice is up to you. But you might want to consider a number of influencing factors before you make your final decision.

Choose from over 50 different leavers tops colourways

We know that colour is important to our customers as is having a wide range of choice.  Which is why we currently have over 50 different colourways for you to select from. In fact, whatever colour you are thinking of, we will have something to match it.

Primary colours for leavers hoodies

The primary colours of red, blue and yellow remain a perennially popular choice for leavers tops. They are bright and cheerful (especially the yellow!) and they stand the test of time.  Whilst other colours pass in and out of fashion, strong primary colours, in particular blue and red, are always firm favourites.

Blue leavers hoodies

Of course, blue hoodies come in a variety of shades of blue, with anything from ‘Sky Blue’ at the lighter end of the colour spectrum, through to ‘New French Navy’ at the darker end – understandably popular for being a better suited shade to hide any dirty marks!

Red leavers hoodies

We also offer a fantastic range of red leavers tops, from our very popular, bright ‘Sunset Red’ through to the more muted tones of ‘Brick Red’ and ‘Cranberry’. And of course, several shades of pink, including ‘Hot Pink’ and ‘Lipstick Pink’.

Should the colour of our leavers tops match our school colours?

The practice of wearing school uniforms is believed to date back to the 16th century in the UK, with Christ Hospital School in London in 1552 considered to be the first school to have a formal uniform.

Its trademark long blue coat, belted at the waist, worn with matching knee breeches, yellow socks and white neck bands is still in existence today!

And so, for those educational establishments with strict uniform codes, we often get asked to match the colour of their existing uniform, in order to keep it on brand (it’s as easy as sending us the pantone reference and we’ll do the rest).

For them, a colour matched leavers top works well, as they look like a natural extension of their range, complete with the school or college crest or logo.

And so, in response to this, we stock all the most popular school uniform colours, including blue, red, green, black and grey.

Or should we let our pupils choose their own colour of leavers tops?

Alternatively, we can easily accommodate requests for a variety of different colours for a leavers top, even from the same school or college.

So why not let each student select their own? This then allows each student to personalise their memory by choosing their own favourite colour – which they are then much more likely to wear afterwards.

So, if your Year 6 pupils tell you they desperately want ‘Lime Green’, ‘Moondust Grey’ or ‘Sun Yellow’ then don’t worry – we’ve got it covered!