From the quality of our leavers hoodies, to how quickly we process them for delivery, here’s how we strive to be the best supplier of leavers hoodies and to deliver the best possible service again in 2018:

Choice of leavers hoodies designs

From leavers hoodies with hidden earphone cord feeds, thumb holes in cuffs and contrasting coloured zips, we have a leavers hoody design to suit the requirements of all schools, colleges or universities.

Whether you’re looking for premium heavyweight hoodies, varsity hoodies or even kids’ hoodies in different designs, we have lots of styles of each, many with the choice of up to 50 different coloured fabrics.  There are also a range of different sizes, from 3-13 year olds and other designs which are suitable for adults.

Variety of leavers tops designs

When it comes to designing your leavers hoodies, you can choose from a large range of leavers 2018 designs including designs which incorporate the names of classmates into the number 18.  Not just clever – it’s a little bit different from just having the name of your school or college!

Personalisation of leavers hoodies

If you like one of our leavers 2018 designs, you can choose this to be printed onto your hoodies.  If you have a design of your own, you’re also welcome to send this through to use instead!

When it comes to where your hoodies are personalised, you can print on the front, the back and each of the arms if you want to.  We also offer precision embroidery for your school or college crest and can colour match the threads used to make it look just like the one on your school uniform.

Quality of leavers hoodies

All of our leavers hoodies are made of high quality materials using expert craftmanship.  It’s the same for our other leavers tops.  For example, our leavers t-shirts, are made of material that is crease-resistant and are pre-shrunk to stop them getting smaller in the wash!

Availability and delivery of leavers hoodies

We will always try to accommodate a specific date if you need your leavers hoodies by a deadline.  However, we usually work to a delivery date of 15-20 working days for delivery of leavers hoodies, from the date that they are paid for or when an official school purchase order has been received.

Before this point, if you would like plain samples of the colours or materials of leavers hoodies that we have available, please let us know.  We’re happy to send these out so that you can match our colours to your school uniforms or to make sure that you like them!  Alternatively, you can send us the pantone colours that are used in your uniform and we will let you know what colours provide the closest match.

Easy-to-order leavers hoodies

When it comes to ordering your leavers hoodies, we make sure that every detail is correct and send you a visual of what your hoodies will look like before we press ‘GO’.  From colours of fonts to where your design will sit, we want to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect and as you would like it.

The process of ordering exactly what you want is simple and easy, all starting with us providing a quote for the products you are interested in.

Customer service and leavers expertise

As experts in leavers hoodies and their personalisation, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be the first to ask us a random question.  In fact, we welcome random questions.  Do you want a different coloured print, or to know whether a hoody is big enough to fit two people at one time?  Whatever you need help with, give us a call or email us and we’ll always be really happy to help.