A trend that originated in America, leavers hoodies have been a popular way to mark the end of a cohort’s last year at school or college for many years in the UK now.

As a result, there are lots of companies where you can order leavers hoodies from.  Some may be the same company that you order school uniform from, while are specialists in the supply and design of tailor made, bespoke leavers hoodies options.

Is your college a bit different?

Maybe your Ofsted reports are excellent.  Maybe your students are impeccably well behaved.  Perhaps they even have an outstanding rate of attendance, or get involved with lots of extracurricular activities.

These are all great things that many schools and colleges strive to achieve, but not necessarily what sets you apart as being particularly different.

Differentiating factors can include having somewhere different for your sixth formers or college students to relax, or work in peace when out of lessons.  Or somewhere for them to work in a noisy atmosphere if they prefer to listen to music when working.  It could be allowing them to sit on the floor instead of at desks, or to stand up whilst writing.

Whatever it is that makes your school different, wouldn’t you want this to be reflected in the item of clothing that your leavers are going to treasure and wear for years to come?

Think like a leaver when personalising hoodies

The main point of having a leavers hoody is for college students to remember what they were a part of and who they shared their college years with.

Now, put yourself in a leaver’s shoes – if you are sad to leave and have taken pride in being at your college, would you want your leavers hoodies to be the same as every other college in the area?  Of course, it will be personalised with the college name and most likely the word ‘leavers’ but having something that stands out and looks unique can fuel a leaver’s sense of pride towards their college, long into the future.

Options for personalising college leavers hoodies

This is the reason that we provide as many different design options for our leavers hoodies as possible.  As well as the choice of different styles of hoodies – from varsity to two tone, to zipped or classic, we also provide around 50 different colourways to choose from.

A range of our hoodies also include high quality features such as hidden earphone loops, hanging loops, double fabric hoods and thumb holes.

To further personalise a college hoody, we provide the following options:

  • A variety of font options for print or embroidery
  • Printing on the front, back or hoody sleeve
  • Large printing such as the college name or small printing such as the leaver’s initials
  • Embroidery for a college crest or emblem, or leaver’s initials
  • 9 different leavers print options, which can be uniquely personalised with the names of a class, set or year group
  • A bespoke design

Bespoke leavers hoody designs

If you would like a different font or a different print option, then please let us know what you would like and we will always do our best to accommodate your specific requirements.

Questions about personalising your college leavers hoodies

To contact us with any questions about your design preferences, call us on 01858 461 686 or alternatively you can send us an email at [email protected].