Teenage years are exciting and turbulent, mainly because so much changes.  There’s no escaping it – from changing as a person to changing circumstances, including moving schools and facing decisions about what a college leaver wants to do with their life.

College leavers are perhaps at the most pivotal point of this constant flux.  For many, they’re leaving the education system as they know it to go to university, and for many more, they’re leaving education altogether to start work.

It’s often at this point that college leavers feel compelled to know what they want to do – which is understandable.  After all, they’re making some of the biggest decisions they will ever have to make and which may well impact on their futures.

At this time, having a sense of their own identity is invaluable to teenagers.  In a world where life is ruled by social media, with an online culture that tells college leavers to be the best versions of themselves alongside constant videos and photographs of how their role models are living their lives, it’s easy to feel lost.

An independent identity for college leavers

For college leavers, the changes ahead may prompt a change in how they define and display their identity.  For many, it’s the perfect time to explore a new look or to choose how they present themselves based specifically on their own preferences, rather than fitting in with their friends or their current social circles.

On the other hand, whilst going to university or venturing out into the world of work both present an ideal opportunity to reinvent yourself, it also works as a way of reaffirming how a college leaver chooses to present themselves going forwards.  This is especially the case where a person either already has a distinct style or if they want to try to fit in with their friends.

Fitting in at college

Fitting in can mean emulating styles of popular celebrities or social influencers.  It can also mean wearing the same brand names or styles as others.  Whichever approach is taken, the reason for fitting in is usually to prevent drawing attention to yourself.

Unfortunately, one reason for fitting in is peer pressure.  Sometimes if someone looks, speaks or simply is different to others, then they may be teased or made fun of.  To remedy this, many people will attempt to fit in with what is seen as normal.

However, despite the social smokescreen that fitting in can allow, it doesn’t mean that teenagers wanting to fit in don’t still want to be seen as individuals, with aspects of their lives and identities that are personalised to them.

How personalisation helps to create confidence

For both college leavers looking to reinvent or reaffirm their identities and those that have become accustomed to fitting in, personalisation is a way to truly develop their personal brand, in ways that they feel happy and comfortable with.

From posters of their favourite things to picture frames and printed t-shirts, being able to personalise their presentation and the space they’re in will make college leavers feel more comfortable in themselves, even if everything around them is changing in ways that are out of their control.

Personalised leavers hoodies

Leavers hoodies are an example of a highly personalised item of clothing that the majority of college leavers will keep for many years to come.

A reminder of their college days and the people those days were spent with, leavers hoodies can be personalised to include names of friends, classmates, team mates or even the names of everyone in the same year group.  Add to this a vast variety of colours and styles and college leavers will already have something that reflects their individual identity, in addition to being a reminder of the good times that they are moving on from.

For details of how to choose different levels of leavers hoodies personalisation and how to order college leavers hoodies, visit our design options page.