If your school provides Year 6 students with leavers hoodies, you will know that the arrival of the hoodies is a much-anticipated event which is extremely exciting for Year 6 students.

The pre-order process – Year 6 leavers hoodies

For this reason, organising who wants one, who has paid for one and arranging the specific details to go on each leavers hoody can be an arduous but extremely worthwhile task. However, doing this too early or late can leave issues with storage at school or delivering hoodies to Year 6 students who may be ill or absent at the end of the school year.

To help with the planning for your Year 6 leavers hoodies, we have created a checklist for the best times to order your Year 6 leavers hoodies, as well as details of what needs to be done before you place your order.

Year 6 leavers hoodies order times checklist:


  • One week before spring half term: decide on the type and design of leavers hoody that you would like your Year 6 leavers to have this year. Then, write to Year 6 students and parents to ascertain who would like a leavers hoody and to request payment along with their reply slip, which should also specify the name that they would like on their leavers hoody e.g. the first name only or first and surname


  • At the start of summer term and six weeks before the end of the school year: send a final reminder to the Year 6 students and parents that have not yet responded or to those who have said yes but have not yet provided payment


  • Five weeks before the end of term: chase up any students and parents that have not yet responded, then place your leavers hoodies order


  • Your leavers hoodies will arrive between 15-20 days after you have placed your order. If you need it on a specific date, please say so at the time of the order and we will do our best to accommodate this.


  • One to two weeks before the end of term: your leavers hoodies will arrive. Depending on the timing of this, we recommend that you hand them out as soon as possible.  You may even wish to let the Year 6 students wear their leavers hoodies during their final week at school and by handing them out early, there is more chance of everyone receiving their hoody before the end of the term.


Types of Year 6 leavers hoodies

One reason for starting the procurement process earlier than you may have originally planned to is because there is so much choice when it comes to deciding on the perfect Year 6 leavers hoodies for your school.  From design to options around print and embroidery, to the style, size and colours used for your leavers hoodies, there’s a lot to consider.  To view the different types of leavers that are ideal for Year 6 leavers, see: https://leavershoodiescompany.co.uk/product-category/kids/

How to order Year 6 leavers hoodies

Once you are ready to order your leavers hoodies, add your choice to your quote list using the blue buttons beneath each product and send this to us so that we can provide you with a quote via email.  If you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for at this point, give us a call.

Once you have received your quote, there is the option to accept the quote using the ‘accept’ button on your email.  This will prompt the download of an order details form, which we will need you to fill in and return to us via email at [email protected]