Enclothed Cognition is a term used to describe how what clothing is worn can affect how a person thinks and feels.

Clothing can affect behaviour on a number of levels.  From colour and culture to style and success.

Bright colours for example, are aligned with producing positive emotions.  Numerous research papers have found that they can both boost mood and energy.

Style is similar.  If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’, you’ll be aware of the perception that dressing more formally or more professionally can make people see you in a more credible and authoritative light.

The perception of people wearing leavers hoodies

Perception is another aspect altogether.  From cultural considerations – for example, whether an item of clothing is too short or long based on where it is being worn and when – to snap judgements made based on what a person is wearing when you first meet them.  Both of these aspects help people to form an impression (rightly or wrongly) of a person and their personality.

So, when it comes to hoodies, what will people think if you’re wearing one?  And more importantly, how will it change the mindset of the person who is wearing it?

What will people think about your leavers hoody?

Firstly, when it comes to what others think, I believe that this very much depends on the type and style of hoody.  For example, branded sports hoodies may say something about a person’s social status as well as generating an impression of how fit and healthy they are; but this of course also depends on the brand of hoody and how and where it is worn.

The messages associated with wearing a leavers hoody are more clear and straightforward.  By wearing a hoody with the names of your class or team mates on, you’re signifying several things:

  • You successfully graduated from school, college or university so are in some way expected to be academic and/or intelligent
  • You have friends – many of whom will have their names featured in print on your leavers hoody
  • You have positive memories about school – so much so that you’re happy to wear something associated with it when you leave

These are all extremely positive messages and whilst wearing a leavers hoody, it is unlikely that any negative connotations will be associated with it.

Will you think differently when wearing a leavers hoody?

When it comes to what it makes the person wearing the hoody think about themselves, the positivity associated with their friends, their school or their own achievements will hopefully generate only good memories and a feeling of sentimentality towards their hoody.  Wearing it should make them feel good, happy and a part of something important.

Where to order school, college and university leavers hoodies

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